We have no right to complain about the state of our world,

if we aren‘t prepared to get up and change something in an

act of sustainable Love, out of our own accord!

Daily we are fed fear & negative

energy in our news & medias.

On this platform, I would like to

support a changing attitude..

An attitude which is meant to

raise awareness, bring people

together & empower individuals!

I am humbled by the causes I have

encountered and would like to

shed Light & Recognition on these

bold Hearts!

Friedrich Harry Piel, our grandfather & rolemodel. He taught us about humility, enthusiasm, honesty,  integrity & community service. He treated us,  his grandchildren,  with tremendous respect, and  never underestimated us, even as young children! Different people that had worked with him, ended up phoning or writing to us, his descendants,  decades after his death, to share their admiration  of his character.

Some of the Souls who have been my

Rolemodels & Inspirations, when it comes

to caring about Social Issues…

13th of December 1993, Willemiena Skome‘s birthday. My Sotho Mother & our Mama, Shany. At that point in her Life, Willemiena had had 3 months of western schooling, but she was wiser than most „educated“ doctors I have ever met. Her wisdom and patience got us through very challenging, emotional phases in our lives. Willemiena taught me about the true meaning of Ubuntu. Mama taught me, compassion, humour, and that  „you never give up on things you believe in!“ Mama taught me to recognise people‘s efforts and how to empower them for their actions. Both women encouraged my Love of Art.
Someone who has served others her whole Life,  as a passionate nurse, musician, Mother & Friend. Oonagh. (You prounouce it Una) She was one of the first people in Johannesburg,  to nurse AIDS patients! Back then, most were either  terrified or indifferent and left HIV positive patients  to suffer and die on their own. Her compassion & courage have always been a  beacon of Light to me. On Old Year‘s Eve of my 17th year of Life, she welcomed me to come with her to the  Sacred Heart House, the first house in  Johannesburg where AIDS patients, who were  were rejected and neglected by family and friends, were taken up like the human Beings that they still  were, and nursed to the end.  It was a humbling experience that helped shape  my view on Life.
My grandfather, Friedrich Harry Piel, loved Albert Schweitzer. They were very similar in many vital aspects: they both had a tremendous respect for LIFE, fought for their ideals and for the "Menschheit". Albert Schweitzer once said: "Viel Kälte ist unter den Menschen, weil wir nicht wagen, uns so herzlich zu geben, wie wir sind." In essence, to me, this means that there is much coldness, awkwardness, life unlived amongst human beings, because they do not dare to live out their hearts, or the potential warmth that lives within  them... Well, that cannot be said about the Souls  who inspire me! There are people who choose the role of remaining a victim their whole Life, and then there are Souls who master their lives  and even turn it into an art and a Beacon of Hope! We all have times, where we live/are that victim. If we are open, and Willing, we see that Source, is always graceful, and sends us a Light, to empower our escape from our dark tunnel. From a different perspective, we could call the darkness an experience... Well, with this platform, I am aiming at helping the Light in an Ubuntu way. It is all a matter of Perspective & Priority! By shedding Light on individuals, I aim to give certain projects Recognition with the help of my Art & Skills. I hope that they will inspire you, as they have me! Sincerely Eureka PS. I‘m not perfect, but I am trying to live up to my full potential.